Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Developing an understanding of your current financial standing and creating a plan for the future is an empowering and valuable process. After thorough discussion and analysis, my clients receive a financial plan that outlines the strategies that make sense for their unique circumstances. In the weeks that follow, that plan is implemented and then monitored.  I can work closely with accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents, when necessary, to ensure that every aspect of my clients' financial plan is covered and understood by their professional team. 

Investment Strategy

I consider each client as a unique individual while finding the proper mix of stocks, bonds, commodities, and other securities to construct a portfolio. My clients' accounts, including IRA's, brokerage accounts, 401(k)'s and trusts are all considered as pieces of a whole.  An appropriate and diversified mix of low-cost investments is constructed based on market expectations, risk tolerance, and personal circumstances.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

If desired, my clients are able to invest their portfolio in a way that favors companies fitting certain social and environmental criteria. Investing in this way allows you to express world views with your money and exert a small influence on corporate decision makers who are ultimately driven by the price of their company's stock. Like recycling, socially responsible investing is a small influence that makes a big difference when everyone participates. Research suggests that this method does not necessarily require clients to accept lower rates of return.
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My fees are calculated based on the amount of money managed for each client. The annual fee is 0.92%, automatically deducted from portfolios at 0.23% per quarter.  Clients receiving a written financial plan will incur an additional one-time planning fee.  Investment products do not generate commissions or additional payments for me or for Middleton Advisory LLC.

There may be additional fees charged by investment funds and trading fees charged by the account custodian. (Accounts are normally held by TD Ameritrade Institutional).

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Middleton Advisory LLC is a Maryland Registered Investment Advisor. No part of this page is meant as tax or legal advice.
Investments which are not FDIC insured involve the risk of losing principle.