Employer Retirement Plans

Workplace Retirement Plan Services

Sponsors of workplace retirement plans have a tremendous duty to their employees. CEO's, CFO's, Directors of HR, and Plan Administrators (along with anyone sitting on a plan committee) are all ERISA Fiduciaries held to the highest standard of care under the law. Most companies choose to hire an adviser that can help with this deceptively complicated role.

Plan Design

It's important to select the right features and service providers to implement a group retirement plan for your employees and co-workers. Working with an industry consultant will ensure the proper plan is put in place based on your companies needs and goals.

Encouraging Better Outcomes

There is a coming wave of unprepared retirees in this country. The disappearance of traditional pension plans has put the burden of saving and investing squarely on the shoulders of YOUR employees. Middleton Advisory can help you setup a plan to encourage a higher likelihood of success.

Lowering Provider Fees

Plans that work without an independent adviser are much more likely to overpay for services. Hidden fees, complicated arrangements with mutual funds, and conflicts of interest will all contribute to providers charging more than market price. If you think that you are paying "nothing" for any service, please call immediately.

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