Who should invest?

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My clients generally...

  1. Value a comprehensive relationship that integrates financial planning and investment management for their family.
  2. Prefer a transparent fee arrangement that minimizes conflicts of interest by paying me a flat percentage directly from their own funds, rather than by commissions and sales charges.  This is called "fee only" wealth management.
  3. Have an existing portfolio of $500,000 or more.  

Here are a few other factors that may indicate a good fit.

Life goals that go beyond simply "accruing more money". The best clients understand that simply having wealth is not the end game. A large investment portfolio gives a person the ability to impact the world in positive ways that should each be considered goals in their own right. Charitable gifts, planned inheritances, leaving endowments at death, being a good patron to your local businesses, helping friends in need, etc.

Concern for how your investments impact the world.  If you care about the behavior of corporations in your portfolio, I can help you achieve your financial goals without compromising your morals.  My clients have the option to implement socially and environmentally responsible strategies, if desired.

A willingness to delegate. My service is meant to reduce or alleviate the burden of financial decision making for my clients. Once we decide to work together and go through the process of financial planning, I manage investments with discretionary authority to buy, sell, and exchange securities at any time.

A pleasant personality. I'm looking for long term clients that want to work with me for the remainder of their life. With any investment plan that spans decades, there will be ups and there will be downs. Part of my job is to gauge your tolerance for market drops and set reasonable expectations for the future. This process involves a good deal of trust, understanding, and the ability to talk openly about your money, which isn't easy. If you are interested in a professional relationship that is respectful and mutually beneficial, I am too.

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Investments which are not FDIC insured involve the risk of losing principle.